Friday, September 20, 2013

Success, Contentment, and Joy.... Is it really Possible to have them all???

We all have those areas we struggle with. For me, it's being content! I like to blame it on the fact that I just have so many things I want to do in life, but that's just a good attempt at avoiding the truth!  And the truth is, that not being content with my life is basically like slapping God in the face! "Thanks for giving me this life, but I wish you had done things differently!"

As a parent, I get very angry when my daughter isn't happy with the overwhelmingly large amount of toys she has and whines for something different. And we would all agree that I am justified in not giving her everything she wants. Its my job to build her character and teach her about life. So giving her absolutely everything she wanted wouldn't be in her best interest (or in the best interest of my wallet)! Don't you think it's the same with God??  He gave us life and he only wants the BEST for us, and more often than not, the "best" doesn't have anything to do with ] all the stuff we want!  He is more concerned with developing our character and shaping us into people who can make a difference in this world, than he is with giving us the car, house, or job that we think would make us happy.

So often we aren't content because we associate success with the size of our wallet, make of our car, size of our house, marital status, how well our children behave, etc. But God has a different view of success and (News Flash!) it has nothing to do with ANY of those things! He created us with passions, dreams, and talents so that we can use them for Him! Our ONLY measure of success in His eyes is how obedient and faithful we are!

I have A LOT of dreams in this life... Dreams of having a house with a two-car garage (so I don't have to shovel snow off it every winter)... I have dreams of renovating a vintage airstream camper and traveling with my family... I have dreams of opening a business with my best friend where we can refinish furniture and accessories together, etc.... and there is nothing wrong with having those dreams and aspiring to obtain them! But it is wrong for me to want them to happen so badly that I ignore what God is doing in my life right now! No matter where you are right now, there is something to be thankful for! Even if you world seems like its falling apart and you long for days when you aren't in pain, financial distress, etc., there is a reason you are there and there is something good that can be taken from that situation! It may not be something ever completely understand, but know that he would never allow us to just suffer for no reason! Think about it, would you just allow your child to suffer if it wasn't necessary? Neither would your Heavenly Father do that to you!!!

So own where you are right now! And make a promise to yourself to find at least One thing each day to be Thankful for! Before you know it, you will be much more content with where you are right now! And despite your circumstances, you will be joyful!!!

We brought nothing into this world, and we will take nothing with us when we leave – Pleasing God & Bringing honor and glory to Him should always be our priority.
1 Timothy 6:6 -7, KJV 

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  1. I normally just read blogs and think "that was good", but I wanted to take the time to say "AWESOME Blog". I could say, "we all need a reminder at times", but I can't speak for the "we". Truth be told I needed a reminder and I thank you.