Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Journey with my Best Friend

So I figured since this is the beginning of this blog, I should give a little background info on myself.  In the summer of 2000, my "journey with my best friend" started.  My cousin and I decided to go to the Chambersburg Project that summer, and I'm so glad we did.  That week I met and fell instantly in love with a cute 15 year old boy who's bright blue eyes and mesmerizing grin captivated me and literally made me melt!  I'm not so sure he had that same reaction to me, but I worked my charm throughout the week and must have done something right because a few days after it ended, he called me out of the blue, and the rest is history....

I have had the privilege of spending the last 10 years with a man who still knows how to make me smile and who can still make me melt just by flashing that mischevious grin of his. 

We officially started dating August 7, 2000 (I know it's ridiculous that I remember that!!).  We dated throughout high school and college (well, the few semesters that I attended college anyway...).  In December 2004, he suprised me by proposing at a Hershey Bears game.  Yes, it was on the jumbotron in front of the entire Giant Center.  I wasn't quite sure how to react, and apparently I forgot to actually say yes because I was so stunned.  I'm pretty sure he knew my answer regardless.

We were married August 12, 2006 at Scotland School for Veterans Children and then headed off to Myrtle Beach for our honeymoon.  We had a great time, even though we had our first official fight after I had a small fender bender in our car.  Oops.....

Jerry finished his last year of college and we started learning how to adjust to married life.   Then on May 9, 2009, our life changed again.  Miah Lauren Snyder graced this world with her presence and I learned to love in a way that I didn't know was possible.  Not only did that little girl instantly captivate my heart, but watching my husband fall head-over-heels in love with that little girl opened up a whole new type of love for him as well.  He is the most amazing father and there is nothing I love more than watching her run to him and yell "Daddy!!"

I know I don't tell him often enough, but he means the world to me and I am so blessed to have him in my life.  His hard work and willingness to do whatever is necessary to provide for his girls keeps me falling more in love with him each day.  When I think about what our future together may hold, it leaves me speechless!!

I love you Jerry and I am so thankful for all you do!!! :)

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