Sunday, October 31, 2010

The infamous junk drawer!

I seem to get on these "kicks" sometimes where I will be obsessed with organizing every nook and cranny in my house!  This lasts until it is officially as organized as possible, then within 2-3 months it gets back to it's normal chaotic state.  This is never my fault, of course.  I always blame this on my husband...
So right now we are currently in the organizing phase of this vicious cycle.  So I'm working through the house room by room.  So today I decided to tackle the "infamous junk drawer"!  Well actually more like the junk basket.  At our house, the junk drawer is the first drawer you reach when you enter our kitchen.  It normally holds the flic-a-bic lighters, extra batteries, packs of gum, paint chips of the numerous colors I've painted so far, and so on....  But worse than this is our "junk basket" on top of the microwave.  This is right next to our back door where we come in and out of the house, so a lot of random items seem to make their way into this basket and it drives me crazy.  So today I officially decided to re-purpose the junk basket.  I came to the conclusion that if it's not there, I won't put random things in there anymore.  So time will tell, but for now it's working well!! :)
So next on the agenda, the rest of the kitchen cabinets, the pantry, the laundry closet, Miah's room, the bathroom linen closet, and our Master Bedroom (I'm saving it for last, because it's always the worst....)
By the time I get that massive list done, the junk basket will probably have found a new home and need to be reorganized... but for now it's looking good!!!
Can anyone else relate??  Feel free to share any good organizing tips!!!

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