Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I think I'm in Love with .... Vinegar

All my life I have despised vinegar!! My dad always put it on his food (ring bologna, French fries, etc). YUCK!!! Just a small whiff of it made me want to GAG! But for months I kept reading on Pinterest how wonderful it is to use in place of chemical-filled cleaners! And I really do LOVE having a home free of those nasty chemicals, But could I get past the smell of this gross stuff!?!

All of that changed when I saw a "pin" that showed how someone mixed orange peels with vinegar to help mask the odor. I am currently addicted to mandarin oranges and we eat at least 3 or 4 of them per day in this house. So orange peels are not hard to come by....

So what did I have to lose?? I took a mason jar and dumped in orange peels from 3 mandarin oranges. I added a mixture of half water and half vinegar. Then I let it "brew" for 3 days!

Then came the moment of truth.... I opened it up and although I could smell a small hint of vinegar, it didn't bother me at all. So I poured it into a spray bottle (there was still a lot left in the mason jar) and decided to test it's magic!

And.... It has AMAZED me!!!

So far it has:
gotten marks off my walls
grease marks off my kitchen backsplash
cleaned my flat top stove burners
taken all the finger smudges and other gross marks off my sink and stainless steel appliances
Cleaned anything off my kitchen counters (even permanent marker that had been on there for a few weeks)
Cleaned caked on kid-food off my kitchen table
And... I even used it to clean my NASTY microwave (see pic below if you dare....)

I'm really embarrassed to even show this picture.... (Please don't judge!!) But I used the remaining amount of vinegar that didn't fit in the spray bottle, and I heated it up in the microwave for 1 minute.... And VOILA!!! The nastiness literally wiped right off (it took less than 60 seconds to wipe it clean!)

Last week I took a road trip with my 3 year old to Ikea and we picked up this awesome little microwave plate cover for only $1.95! So hopefully my microwave won't get that nasty ever again!!

Anyway - back to my new love... I plan on trying it on MANY other things in my home, including my bathrooms, which I out off cleaning as long as possible!

If you have any vinegar related tips, PLEASE post so we can all try them!! :)


  1. Pros use vinegar to combat mold!

  2. I use a pinterest pin to get mildew-y smell out of towels...it is awesome! Here it is:

    Wash your towels in hot water with a cup of vinegar, then run again in hot water with a half-cup of baking soda.

    I've also used it to wash shirts that still have that underarm smell even after regular washing.

    1. I will sometimes get stains out of my carpet. Also makes a GREAT fabric softener. If you pour a cup in your load of laundry with your laundry detergent (especially for blankets) It makes them extra soft. Also if you use it to dust it keeps the dust away for longer (if you put some in a jar with a little big of olive oil, lemon juice and dust rag, close the jar and let sit for about 5 minutes. Then ring out your rag it will also polish your furniture and the lemon helps get the extra tough stains out and makes it smell better). I literally use vinegar to clean my whole house!!!!!